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There are now 24 Will Record Books imaged online.
Will Book A Will105/1840/1859Indexed
Will Book B Will152/1860/1877Indexed
Will Book C Will734/1877/1906Indexed
Will Records 2 Will623/1905/1916Indexed
Record of Wills 3 Will478July/1916July/1920Indexed
Record of Wills 4 Will473August/1920April/1933Indexed
Record of Foreign Wills 1 Will320June/1930April/1950Indexed
Record of Wills 5 Will419April/1933May/1945Indexed
Record of Wills 6 Will419June/1945May/1953 
Record of Foreign Wills 2 Will217June/1950January/1957Indexed
Record of Wills 7 Will431May/1953December/1957Indexed
Record of Wills 8 Will496December/1957December/1960Indexed
Record of Foreign Wills 3 Will469April/1958October/1973Indexed
Will Book 9 Will585January/1961November/1963Indexed
Will Book 10 Will580November/1963March/1966Indexed
Record of Wills 11 Will553March/1966February/1968Indexed
Record of Wills 12 Will386February/1968March/1969Indexed
Record of Wills 13 Will436March/1969June/1970Indexed
Record of Wills 14 Will451July/1970September/1971Indexed
Record of Wills 15 Will471September/1971September/1973Indexed
Record of Wills 16 Will511October/1972November/1973Indexed
Record of Wills 17 Will476November/1973November/1974Indexed
Wills 18 Will265November/1974June/1975Indexed
Record of Foreign Wills 4 Will39June/1974September/1974Indexed
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