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Doctors & Druggists
Hardware & Funerals
Clothing & Furnishings
Bank Checks
Confederate Notes
Letterheads and Billheads General Merchandise
Payne, Brown & Co. Dry Goods
Micanopy, Florida  1854
L.M. Scarborough Dry Goods
Newnansville, Florida  1860
 M. Endel Dry Goods
Gainesville, Florida  1872
Savage & Haile Dry Goods
Gainesville, Florida  1872
W.F. Winecoff Dry Goods
Archer, Florida  1880
Crosby, Patton & Co General Merchandise
Micanopy, Florida  1884
W.F. Rice General Merchandise
Arredondo, Florida  1884
M. Endel & Bro. Dry Goods
Gainesville, Florida  1885
S.H. Benjamin & Co. Dry Goods
Micanopy, Florida  1885
J.W. Smith General Merchandise
Micanopy, Florida  1885
G.K. Broome General Merchandise
Gainesville, Florida 1885
B. Klein General Merchandise
Gainesville, Florida  1885
Parsons & Hale General Merchandise
Cedar Key, Florida  1887
 F.J. Hammond General Merchandise
Hawthorn, Florida  1890
F.J. Hammond General Merchandise
Hawthorne, Florida  1890
Stokes & Miller General Merchandise
Campville, Florida  1893
 F.J. Hammond General Merchandise
Hawthorne, Florida  1894
 F.E. Williams General Merchandise
Alachua, Florida  1895
New York Racket Dry Goods
Gainesville, Florida  1899
Geo W. Hyde Dry Goods
Ganiesville, Florida  1899
W.F. Beach  General Merchandise
Hague, Florida  1900
 H.C. Parker  Dry Goods
Hague, Florida  1902
Miller & Avera  Stationary, Candies
Gainesville, Florida  1902
 Charles C. Martin Post Office & Groceries  Bell, Florida  1909
S.O. Barron General Merchandise
Bell (Wannee), Florida  1910
Tucker & Roland General Merchandise
Newberry, Florida  1912
T.M. Kincaid General Merchandise
Newberry, Florida  1912
Letterheads and Billheads Doctors & Druggists
  Doctor R.A. Lancaster
Gainesville, Florida  1898
W.W. Johnson Druggist
Hawthorn, Florida  1891
B.C. Hodges Physician
High Springs, Florida  1901
Doctor Nelson W. Francis
Starke, Florida  1903
Etienne Lartigue  M.D.
Gainesville, Florida  1905
Doctor S.L. Robb
Gainesville, Florida  1912
 E.F. Vidal Prescription Druggist
Newberry, Florida  1912
A.J. Vidal Druggist
Gainesville, Florida  1914
Doctor M.H. DePass
Gainesville, Florida  1914
James M. Dell MD
Gainesville, Florida  1915
Letterheads and Billheads Newspapers
The Florida Dispatch
Newnansville, Florida  1860
New Era Newspaper
Gainesville, Florida  1870
 Florida Independant Newspaper
Gainesville, Florida  1871
The Citizen
Alachua County, Florida  1875
The Gainesville Times
Gainesville, Florida  1878
The Weekly Bee
Gainesville, Florida  1883
The Alachua Advocate
Gainesville, Florida  1884
The News and Advocate
Gainesville, Florida  1885
Daily and Weekly Advocate
Gainesville, Florida  1887
The Florida Democrat
Gainesville, Florida  1895
High Spring Hornet Newspaper
High Springs, Florida  1903
Waldo News
Waldo, Florida  1908
 The Gainesville Elevator
Gainesville, Florida  1908
1851 ConservatorFront Page      Page 2Page 3      Page 4
1852 Florida RepublicanFront Page      Page 2Page 3      Page 4
Letterheads and Billheads Hardware & Funerals
James Pickles Lumber & Hardware
Starke, Florida  1860
McClellan & Ellis
Hardware & Furniture
Gainesville, Florida  1885
R.F. Streeper Undertaker
Gainesville, Florida  1885
J.A. Meador New Hardware Store
Gainesville, Florida  1890
 D.E. Cooper Furniture & Lumber Co.
Gainesville, Florida  1892
J.R. Eddins Builder's Materials
Gainesville, Florida  1893
Steenburg & Thomas Hardware
Gainesville, Florida  1894
Swearingen & Eddins Hardware
Gainesville, Florida  1895
Thomas & Co. Furniture
Gainesville, Florida  1898
Robert McClellan Funeral Director
Gainesville, Florida  1898
Thomas & Company Hardware & Furniture Gainesville, Florida  1900 T.F. Thomas Hardware & Seeds
Gainesville, Florida  1907
Cauthen & Company
Waldo, Florida  1907
 The Thomas Company Hardware
Gainesville, Florida  1912
Thomas Undertaking Company
Gainesville, Florida  1918
Letterheads and Billheads Grocers
C.A. Sheldon Groceries
Gainesville, Florida 1883
John A. Simonton Baker & Grocer
Micanopy, Florida  1885
G.W. Sparkman Groceries
Gainesville, Florida  1885
A.L. Stringfellow Groceries
Arredondo, Florida  1885
Thomas V. Porter Wholesale Grocer
Gainesville, Florida  1886
Phillip Miller Groceries
Gainesville, Florida 1886
Phillip Miller Groceries and Grain
Gainesville, Florida 1890
Letterheads and Billheads Clothing & Furnishings
J.M. Endel Clothing Company
Gainesville, Florida  1902
Marcus Endel Clothier & Furnisher
Gainesville, Florida  1902
Endel, Kidwell & Sheridan Outfitters
Jacksonville, Florida  1902
Letterheads and Billheads Attorneys
J.M. Rivers  Attorney
Gainesville, Florida  1898
 E.E. Voyle Attorney
Gainesville, Florida  1902
Letterheads and Billheads Miscellaneous
Tropical Laboratory
Micanopy, Florida  1887
H.W. Price Hay, Grain &c Dealer
Hawthorn, Florida  1890
Lovell & Hartshorne Orange Packers
Gainesville, Florida  1891
John C. Eastman Sationary &c
Gainesville, Florida  1891
 E. Leybourne Produce Buyer
Gainesville, Florida  1891
 John W. Cannon Printer
Gainesville, Florida  1893
Crawford & Davis Livery Stable
Gainesville, Florida  1903
W.R. Thomas City Livery
Gainesville, Florida  1906
M.T. Waters Blacksmith
Bell, Florida  1908
A.M. Cushman Insurance
Gainesville, Florida  1908
W.T. Jones / Jones Dairy
Gainesville, Florida  1914
Superior Printing
Gainesville, Florida  1914
Letterheads and Billheads Out of State Suppliers & Buyers
N.E. Solomon Wholesale Grocer
Savannah, Georgia  1871
I. Sontheimer Funeral Director
New Orleans, Louisiana  1898
 Carolina Life Insurance Company
Columbia, South Carolina
Bank Checks
1856 McIntosh & Powell Account 1859 Alachua County Tax Receipt  Promissory Note 1859
Post Card 1887 Zetrouer Federal Pension Check 1893  
 I.O.O.F. Lodge 1894 H.F. Dutton & Co Bankers 1898 Bank of Waldo 1915
Bank of Waldo 1916 Citizens Bank of Mayo  1917 Bank of High Springs  1923
Unofficial Plat of the Town of Newnansville
Document Dealing with the Moses E. Levy Grant (1834 US Supreme Court) Recorded 1883
Confederate Notes found in old Probate Files
Florida One Dollar Note
CSA 500 Dollar Note
CSA "C" Note
CSA 100 Dollar Bond
CSA 50 Dollar Note
CSA 20 Dollar Note
CSA 10 Dollar Note
CSA 5 Dollar Note
Florida 50 Cent Note
Florida 25 Cent Note
South Carolina 5 Cent Note
Columbia County Formation with Northern Boundary of Alachua County and Later Boundary Adjustment from Historic Journals
Columbia County Formation and Nothern Alachua County Bondary Page 1 Columbia County Formation and Nothern Alachua County Bondary Page 2 Columbia County Formation and Nothern Alachua County Bondary Page 3
Act Adjusting the Northern Boundry between Alachua and Columbia County
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