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BookTypePagesBegin YearEnd YearIndex?
Appearance Docket A CourtD18918281843Indexed
Superior Court Minutes 1 Court23718281835Indexed
Ancient Record Deed Book B Deed46418331843Indexed
Marriage License Record 1 Marriage12018371849Indexed
Superior Court Minutes 2 Court34418381843Indexed
Ancient Record Deed Book A Deed24618391848Indexed
Chancery Order Book Court8318391852 
Will Book A Will10518401859Indexed
Bills of Sale A Property26218461889Indexed
County Commission Minutes Book 1 Minutes42918461873Indexed
Deed Record A Deed49718461852Indexed
Mortgage Record A Mortgage34918471866 
Chancery Order Book A Court42718491876 
Judgment Record A* Judgment58018501857 
Deed Record B Deed45418521855Indexed
Deed Record C Deed41118521859Indexed
Marriage License Record 2 Marriage6118521855Indexed
Deed Record D Deed54018541857Indexed
Marriage License Record 3 Marriage8518571869Indexed
Judgment Record B Judgment80418581869 
Deed Record E Deed71918591866Indexed
Will Book B Will15218601877Indexed
Deed Record G Deed80018661869Indexed
Mortgage Record B Mortgage79418661872 
Book of Register Other10118681870Indexed
Deed Record H Deed95418691873Indexed
Judgment Record C* Judgment78218691880Indexed
Marriage License A Marriage99218691877Indexed
Judgment Record BB Judgment10918701874Indexed
Married Womans Book A MWRec2318701888 
Mortgage Record C Mortgage80318721875 
County Commissioners Minutes A Minutes52818731886 
Deed Record I Deed87318731876Indexed
1875 Census of Male Inhabitants Other11718751875Indexed
Mortgage Record D Mortgage100118751879 
Deed Record J Deed100018761878Indexed
Judgment Book D Judgment40018761884Indexed
Lien Book A Property38718761895Indexed
Marriage License B Marriage93318771887Indexed
Will Book C Will73418771906Indexed
Deed Record K Deed100018781879Indexed
Homestead Schedules A Property8818781919Indexed
Deed Record L Deed100018791880Indexed
Mortgage Record E Mortgage99918791882Indexed
Deed Record M Deed100018801882Indexed
Judgment Record E Judgment99918801891 
Deed Record N Deed100018821882Indexed
Deed Record O Deed100018821883Indexed
Mortgage Record F Mortgage100018821884Indexed
Deed Record P Deed60018831883Indexed
Deed Record Q Deed60018831884Indexed
Deed Record R Deed59818831884Indexed
Deed Record S Deed60018841884Indexed
Deed Record T Deed60018841885Indexed
Mortgage Record G Mortgage60018841884Indexed
Mortgage Record H Mortgage60018841885Indexed
Deed Record U Deed60018851885Indexed
Deed Record V Deed60018851886Indexed
Deed Record W Deed60018851886Indexed
Mortgage Record 10 Mortgage60018851887Indexed
Mortgage Record 9 Mortgage60018851886Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes B Minutes39618861894 
Deed Record X Deed60018861886Indexed
Deed Record Y Deed60018861887Indexed
Deed Record Z Deed59918861887Indexed
Mortgage Record 11 Mortgage60018861887 
Criminal Record CrimRec9518871956 
Deed Record 26 Deed60018871888Indexed
Deed Record 27 Deed60018871887Indexed
Deed Record 28 Deed60018871888Indexed
Marriage License C Marriage94818871895Indexed
Mortgage Record 12 Mortgage60018871888 
Mortgage Record 13 Mortgage60018871890 
Deed Record 29 Deed64018881890Indexed
Deed Record 30 Deed60018881889Indexed
Mortgage Record 14 Mortgage60018881889 
Deed Record 31 Deed64018891890Indexed
Deed Record 32 Deed64018901891Indexed
Deed Record 33 Deed64018901891Indexed
Mortgage Record 15 Mortgage64018901891 
Mortgage Record 16 Mortgage60018901893 
Record of Physicians Certificates 1 Certificat30418901938Indexed
Deed Record 34 Deed64018911892Indexed
Deed Record 35 Deed65618911891Indexed
Deed Record 36 Deed64018911892Indexed
Judgment Docket 7 Judgment56018911894Indexed
Mortgage Record 17 Mortgage64018911892 
Deed Record 37 Deed64018921893Indexed
Deed Record 38 Deed64018921893Indexed
Mortgage Record 18 Mortgage64018921893 
Deed Record 39 Deed64018931894Indexed
Deed Record 40 Deed64018931894Indexed
Incorporation Book No 1 Incorp39918931912 
Mortgage Record 19 Mortgage64018931894 
Mortgage Record 20 Mortgage60018931897 
County Commissioners Minutes C Minutes39718941898 
Deed Record 41 Deed64018941894Indexed
Deed Record 42 Deed65118941895Indexed
Deed Record 43 Deed64018941896Indexed
Judgment Docket 8 Judgment56018941897Indexed
Mortgage Record 21 Mortgage64018941895 
Tax Rolls 1894 Tax33418941894 
Deed Record 44 Deed65318951896Indexed
Marriage License D Marriage98918951903Indexed
Mortgage Record 22 Mortgage64018951897 
Tax Rolls 1895 Tax34118951895 
Deed Record 45 Deed64018961897Indexed
Deed Record 46 Deed65218961897Indexed
Tax Rolls 1896 Tax38218961896 
Deed Record 47 Deed65218971898Indexed
Deed Record 48 Deed64018971899Indexed
Judgment Docket 9 Judgment54918971901Indexed
Mortgage Record 23 Mortgage59818971903 
Mortgage Record 24 Mortgage64018971899 
County Commissioners Minutes D Minutes49518981903 
Deed Record 49 Deed65218981899Indexed
Deed Record 50 Deed57618991900Indexed
Deed Record 51 Deed64018991900Indexed
Deed Record 52 Deed59818991901Indexed
Mortgage Record 25 Mortgage64018991901 
Deed Record 53 Deed64019001901Indexed
Deed Record 54 Deed64019011902Indexed
Deed Record 55 Deed60019011902Indexed
Mortgage Record 26 Mortgage64019011902 
Deed Record 56 Deed58819021903Indexed
Deed Record 57 Deed63819021903Indexed
Deed Record 58 Deed64019021903Indexed
Mortgage Record 27 Mortgage64019021903 
Mortgage Record 29 Mortgage63019021904 
County Commissioners Minutes E Minutes59819031909 
Deed Record 59 Deed63819031904Indexed
Deed Record 60 Deed60019031904Indexed
Marriage Record E Marriage48019031906Indexed
Mortgage Record 28 Mortgage59819031906 
Mortgage Record 30 Mortgage64019031905 
Deed Record 61 Deed64019041904Indexed
Deed Record 62 Deed64019041905Indexed
Deed Record 63 Deed63919041905Indexed
Mortgage Record 31 Mortgage64019041905 
Deed Record 64 Deed64019051905Indexed
Deed Record 65 Deed63819051906Indexed
Deed Record 66 Deed64119051906Indexed
Mortgage Record 32 Mortgage64019051906 
Mortgage Record 33 Mortgage63819051907 
Will Records 2 Will62319051916Indexed
Deed Record 67 Deed64019061906Indexed
Deed Record 68 Deed64019061906Indexed
Deed Record 69 Deed58419061907Indexed
Deed Record 70 Deed64019061907Indexed
Marriage Record F Marriage48019061909Indexed
Mortgage Record 34 Mortgage60019061908 
Mortgage Record 35 Mortgage64019061908 
Deed Record 71 Deed57619071907Indexed
Deed Record 72 Deed64019071908Indexed
Deed Record 73 Deed60019071908Indexed
Mortgage Record 36 Mortgage64019071908 
Deed Record 74 Deed60019081909Indexed
Deed Record 75 Deed64019081909Indexed
Mortgage Record 37 Mortgage60019081909 
Mortgage Record 38 Mortgage63819081910 
Mortgage Record 39 Mortgage64019081909 
County Commissioners Minutes F Minutes63619091914 
Deed Record 76 Deed64019091909Indexed
Deed Record 77 Deed64019091910Indexed
Deed Record 78 Deed64019091910Indexed
Mortgage Record 40 Mortgage60019091911 
Mortgage Record 41 Mortgage64019091910 
Mortgage Record 43 Mortgage60019091911 
Deed Record 79 Deed64019101911Indexed
Deed Record 80 Deed60019101911Indexed
Marriage Record G Marriage47819101912Indexed
Mortgage Record 42 Mortgage64019101911 
Mortgage Record 44 Mortgage64019101911 
Deed Record 81 Deed64019111911Indexed
Deed Record 82 Deed64019111911Indexed
Deed Record 83 Deed64019111912Indexed
Deed Record 84 Deed64019111912Indexed
Deed Record 85 Deed59719111912Indexed
Mortgage Record 45 Mortgage64019111911 
Mortgage Record 46 Mortgage64019111912 
Mortgage Record 47 Mortgage60019111912 
Mortgage Record 48 Mortgage60419111912 
Mortgage Record 49 Mortgage60019111913 
Deed Record 86 Deed63819121913Indexed
Deed Record 87 Deed64019121912Indexed
Deed Record 88 Deed60019121914Indexed
Deed Record 89 Deed64019121913Indexed
Incorporation Record No 2 Incorp50019121923 
Marriage Record H Marriage40719121916Indexed
Mortgage Record 50 Mortgage63819121913 
Mortgage Record 51 Mortgage60019121918 
Mortgage Record 52 Mortgage60119121913 
Deed Record 90 Deed63919131914Indexed
Deed Record 91 Deed64019131914Indexed
Deed Record 93 Deed63919131914Indexed
Mortgage Record 53 Mortgage64019131914 
Mortgage Record 54 Mortgage64219131915 
Mortgage Record 55 Mortgage63819131914 
Mortgage Record 57 Mortgage60119131915 
County Commissioners Minutes G Minutes63919141916 
Deed Record 92 Deed60119141915Indexed
Deed Record 94 Deed63819141915Indexed
Deed Record 95 Deed60019141915Indexed
Mortgage Record 56 Mortgage64019141915 
Mortgages 58 Mortgage63819141915 
Deed Record 96 Deed64019151916Indexed
Deed Record 97 Deed60019151917Indexed
Deed Record 98 Deed60019151916Indexed
Marriage Record I Marriage47819151918Indexed
Mortgage Record 59 Mortgage64019151916 
Mortgage Record 60 Mortgage64019151916 
Mortgage Record 64 Mortgage60019151917 
Mortgages 61 Mortgage63819151917 
Deed Record 100 Deed64019161917Indexed
Deed Record 99 Deed64019161917Indexed
Mortgage Record 63 Mortgage64119161917 
Mortgage Record 65 Mortgage64019161918 
Record of Wills 3 Will47819161920Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes H Minutes64419171920 
Deed Record 101 Deed60019171918Indexed
Deed Record 102 Deed54419171917Indexed
Deed Record 103 Deed63819171918Indexed
Deed Record 104 Deed60019171918Indexed
Mortgage Book 62 Mortgage14719171932 
Mortgage Record 69 Mortgage23419171920 
Mortgages 66 Mortgage64019171920 
Mortgages 67 Mortgage64019171918 
Mortgages 68 Mortgage64019171918 
Deed Record 105 Deed64119181919Indexed
Deed Record 106 Deed63819181919Indexed
Deed Record 107 Deed64019181919Indexed
Marriage Record J Marriage49819181921Indexed
Mortgage Record 71 Mortgage64019181920 
Mortgages 70 Mortgage64119181920 
Mortgages 72 Mortgage64019181920 
Deed Record 108 Deed60119191920Indexed
Deed Record 109 Deed64019191920Indexed
Deed Record 110 Deed64019191920Indexed
Marriage License Affadavits 1 Marriage40019191920Indexed
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 1 Index SSIX2619191924 
County Commissioners Minutes I Minutes61019201923 
Deed Record 111 Deed60419201921Indexed
Deed Record 112 Deed60019201922Indexed
Deed Record 113 Deed64019201926Indexed
Mortgage 73 Mortgage64019201922 
Mortgages 74 Mortgage64019201922 
Mortgages 75 Mortgage64019201922 
Mortgages 76 Mortgage60719201922 
Record of Wills 4 Will47319201933Indexed
Deed Record 114 Deed64019211922Indexed
Marriage License K Marriage50019211924Indexed
Deed Record 115 Deed60019221923Indexed
Deed Record 116 Deed60019221922Indexed
Deed Record 117 Deed60019221923Indexed
Mortgage Record 78 Mortgage63819221923 
Mortgage Record 81 Mortgage42619221934 
Mortgages 77 Mortgage55519221932 
Mortgages 79 Mortgage60019221924 
Mortgages 80 Mortgage64019221923 
County Commissioners Minutes J Minutes50419231929 
Deed Record 118 Deed60019231923Indexed
Deed Record 119 Deed60019231924Indexed
Deed Record 120 Deed60019231924Indexed
Incorporation Record 3 Incorp44819231935 
Mortgage Record 83 Mortgage63819231926 
Mortgages 82 Mortgage50219231923 
Mortgages 85 Mortgage60019231924 
Deed Record 121 Deed60019241924Indexed
Deed Record 122 Deed60019241925Indexed
Deed Record 123 Deed60019241925Indexed
Deed Record 124 Deed50019241928Indexed
Deed Record 125 Deed50019241925Indexed
Deed Record 126 Deed60019241926Indexed
Marriage License L Marriage50019241927Indexed
Mortgage Record 84 Mortgage64019241925 
Mortgage Record 88 Mortgage24919241927 
Mortgages 86 Mortgage60019241925 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 2 Index SSIX2519241936 
Deed Record 127 Deed60019251925Indexed
Deed Record 128 Deed59819251925Indexed
Deed Record 129 Deed60019251925Indexed
Deed Record 130 Deed60019251925Indexed
Deed Record 131 Deed41119251942Indexed
Deed Record 132 Deed50019251925Indexed
Deed Record 133 Deed60019251925Indexed
Deed Record 134 Deed60019251926Indexed
Deed Record 135 Deed23819251933Indexed
Deed Record 136 Deed60019251926Indexed
Deed Record 137 Deed60019251925Indexed
Deed Record 138 Deed50319251943Indexed
Deed Record 140 Deed60019251926Indexed
Mortgage Record 91 Mortgage60019251926 
Mortgages 87 Mortgage60019251925 
Mortgages 89 Mortgage60019251925 
Mortgages 90 Mortgage59919251926 
Township Plats 1925 Plats4119251925 
Deed Record 139 Deed60019261926Indexed
Deed Record 141 Deed60019261926Indexed
Deed Record 142 Deed60019261929Indexed
Deed Record 143 Deed59619261935Indexed
Deed Record 144 Deed50019261927Indexed
Deed Record 145 Deed60019261926Indexed
Deed Record 146 Deed60019261927Indexed
Deed Record 147 Deed60019261926 
Deed Record 152 Deed60019261928 
Mortgage Record 92 Mortgage60019261926 
Mortgage Record 93 Mortgage64019261930 
Deed Record 148 Deed60019271927 
Deed Record 149 Deed60019271928 
Deed Record 151 Deed50019271927 
Deed Record 155 Deed60019271929 
Marriage Record M Marriage45619271930Indexed
Deed Record 150 Deed57219281943 
Deed Record 153 Deed60019281928 
Deed Record 154 Deed60019281932 
Deed Record 157 Deed60019281929 
County Commissioners Minutes K Minutes59519291934 
Deed Record 158 Deed60019291930 
Deed Record 159 Deed61419291937 
Deed Record 160 Deed49819291931 
Deed Record 164 Deed60019301931 
Marriage Record N Marriage45219301932Indexed
Record of Foreign Wills 1 Will32019301950Indexed
Deed Record 161 Deed50019311932 
Deed Record 165 Deed60019311931 
Deed Record 166 Deed59819311932 
Deed Record 162 Deed59419321938 
Deed Record 167 Deed49819321933 
Deed Record 169 Deed49819321935 
Marriage Record O Marriage45219321935Indexed
Deed Record 170 Deed49419331934 
Record of Wills 5 Will41919331945Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes L Minutes58519341942 
Deed Record 171 Deed50119341935 
Deed Record 156 Deed49219351943 
Deed Record 173 Deed59619351936 
Deed Record 174 Deed49819351936 
Marriage Record P Marriage40319351937Indexed
Deed Record 175 Deed59819361936 
Deed Record 176 Deed50419361938 
Deed Record 177 Deed49719361937 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 3 Index SSIX2219361944 
Deed Record 163 Deed66619371943 
Deed Record 178 Deed50019371939 
Deed Record 179 Deed50419371938 
Marriage Record Q Marriage40019371939Indexed
Deed Record 168 Deed49019381943 
Deed Record 182 Deed50219381938 
Deed Record 184 Deed50019381939 
Deed Record 186 Deed50819381939 
Deed Record 183 Deed60219391940 
Deed Record 187 Deed49419391941 
Deed Record 188 Deed50219391940 
Marriage Record R Marriage40219391941Indexed
Deed Record 189 Deed49819401940 
Deed Record 191 Deed50319401941 
Deed Record 193 Deed50219401941 
Deed Record 194 Deed50019401941 
Deed Record 192 Deed48419411942 
Deed Record 195 Deed51419411942 
Deed Record 196 Deed50019411943 
Deed Record 198 Deed50019411943 
Marriage Record S Marriage40419411942Indexed
Register of Deceased Veterans Record4419411941 
County Commissioners Minutes M Minutes35519421946 
Deed Record 197 Deed50019421944 
Deed Record 199 Deed50619421942 
Deed Record 200 Deed50019421943 
Marriage Record T Marriage42819421943Indexed
Deed Record 172 Deed50119431944 
Deed Record 180 Deed51019431944 
Deed Record 185 Deed50419431944 
Deed Record 190 Deed50619431944 
Deed Record 201 Deed47619431943 
Deed Record 202 Deed50219431944 
Deed Record 205 Deed50419431944 
Marriage Record U Marriage42219431944Indexed
Deed Record 181 Deed50819441944 
Deed Record 203 Deed50619441944 
Deed Record 204 Deed50419441944 
Deed Record 206 Deed48419441945 
Marriage Record V Marriage44819441946Indexed
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 4 Index SSIX2219441945 
Deed Record 207 Deed50419451945 
Deed Record 208 Deed50819451945 
Deed Record 209 Deed50619451945 
Deed Record 210 Deed52019451945 
Deed Record 211 Deed51219451945 
Deed Record 212 Deed50819451945 
Deed Record 213 Deed50919451945 
Deed Record 214 Deed50619451945 
Deed Record 215 Deed51219451945 
Deed Record 216 Deed50119451945 
Deed Record 217 Deed51119451945 
Deed Record 218 Deed50819451946 
Record of Wills 6 Will41919451953 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 10 Index SSIX2319451945 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 11 Index SSIX2319451946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 5 Index SSIX2219451945 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 6 Index SSIX2719451945 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 7 Index SSIX2219451945 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 8 Index SSIX2219451945 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 9 Index SSIX2419451945 
County Commissioners Minutes N Minutes58619461951 
Deed Record 219 Deed50819461946 
Deed Record 220 Deed50719461946 
Deed Record 221 Deed51519461946 
Deed Record 222 Deed51219461946 
Deed Record 223 Deed51219461946 
Deed Record 224 Deed50819461946 
Deed Record 225 Deed51319461946 
Deed Record 226 Deed51419461946 
Deed Record 227 Deed50819461946 
Deed Record 228 Deed50819461946 
Deed Record 229 Deed51019461946 
Deed Record 230 Deed51019461946 
Deed Record 231 Deed50619461946 
Deed Record 232 Deed50819461947 
Marriage Record W Marriage44519461949Indexed
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 12 Index SSIX2219461946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 13 Index SSIX2219461946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 14 Index SSIX2319461946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 15 Index SSIX2219461946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 16 Index SSIX2219461946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 17 Index SSIX2319461946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 18 Index SSIX2319461946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 19 Index SSIX2219461946 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 20 Index SSIX2219461946 
Deed Record 233 Deed50419471947 
Deed Record 234 Deed51219471947 
Deed Record 235 Deed50819471947 
Deed Record 236 Deed50619471947 
Deed Record 237 Deed51219471947 
Deed Record 238 Deed51819471947 
Deed Record 239 Deed51419471947 
Deed Record 240 Deed51219471947 
Deed Record 241 Deed51419471947 
Deed Record 242 Deed50619471947 
Deed Record 243 Deed50619471947 
Deed Record 244 Deed51019471947 
Deed Record 245 Deed51019471947 
Deed Record 246 Deed51219471948 
Soldier's & Sailor's Discharge Record 21 Index SSIX2219471947 
Deed Record 247 Deed51219481948 
Deed Record 248 Deed51819481948 
Deed Record 249 Deed52219481948 
Deed Record 250 Deed52019481948 
Deed Record 251 Deed51219481948 
Deed Record 252 Deed51219481948 
Deed Record 253 Deed51619481948 
Deed Record 254 Deed51819481948 
Deed Record 255 Deed51619481948 
Deed Record 256 Deed51519481948 
Deed Record 257 Deed51619481948 
Deed Record 258 Deed51019481948 
Deed Record 259 Deed51219481949 
Deed Record 260 Deed51219491949 
Deed Record 261 Deed50819491949 
Deed Record 262 Deed51819491949 
Deed Record 263 Deed51619491949 
Deed Record 264 Deed52019491949 
Deed Record 265 Deed51619491949 
Deed Record 266 Deed51019491949 
Deed Record 267 Deed52019491949 
Deed Record 268 Deed51019491949 
Deed Record 269 Deed51219491949 
Deed Record 270 Deed51219491950 
Deed Record 271 Deed50219501950 
Deed Record 272 Deed51019501950 
Deed Record 273 Deed51219501950 
Deed Record 274 Deed51219501950 
Deed Record 275 Deed51619501950 
Deed Record 276 Deed51819501950 
Deed Record 277 Deed51419501950 
Deed Record 278 Deed52019501950 
Deed Record 279 Deed51019501950 
Deed Record 280 Deed51019501950 
Deed Record 281 Deed51619501950 
Deed Record 282 Deed51619501951 
Marriage Record X Marriage44619501952Indexed
Record of Foreign Wills 2 Will21719501957Indexed
Deed Record 283 Deed51819511951 
Deed Record 284 Deed51619511951 
Deed Record 285 Deed51519511951 
Deed Record 286 Deed51619511951 
Deed Record 287 Deed50819511951 
Deed Record 288 Deed50919511951 
Deed Record 289 Deed51819511951 
Deed Record 290 Deed51819511951 
Deed Record 291 Deed51619511951 
Deed Record 292 Deed52019511951 
Deed Record 293 Deed52419511952 
County Commissioners Minutes O Minutes55119521955 
Deed Record 294 Deed52219521952 
Deed Record 295 Deed51819521952 
Deed Record 296 Deed51619521952 
Deed Record 297 Deed52019521952 
Deed Record 298 Deed51619521952 
Deed Record 299 Deed51619521952 
Deed Record 300 Deed51619521952 
Deed Record 301 Deed51219521952 
Deed Record 302 Deed51219521952 
Deed Record 303 Deed52019521952 
Deed Record 304 Deed52019521953 
Marriage Record Y Marriage44719521954Indexed
Deed Record 305 Deed52419531953 
Deed Record 306 Deed51619531953 
Deed Record 307 Deed51519531953 
Deed Record 308 Deed52019531953 
Deed Record 309 Deed51519531953 
Deed Record 310 Deed51619531953 
Deed Record 311 Deed52419531953 
Deed Record 312 Deed51419531953 
Deed Record 313 Deed52419531953 
Deed Record 314 Deed51119531953 
Deed Record 315 Deed51419531954 
Record of Wills 7 Will43119531957Indexed
Deed Record 316 Deed52019541954 
Deed Record 317 Deed51619541954 
Deed Record 318 Deed52019541954 
Deed Record 319 Deed51619541954 
Deed Record 320 Deed51219541954 
Deed Record 321 Deed52019541954 
Deed Record 322 Deed52419541954 
Deed Record 323 Deed51019541954 
Deed Record 324 Deed51919541954 
Deed Record 325 Deed52019541954 
Deed Record 326 Deed51219541954 
Deed Record 327 Deed51219541954 
Deed Record 328 Deed51419541955 
Marriage Record Z Marriage44919541956Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes P Minutes54919551957 
Deed Record 329 Deed50819551955 
Deed Record 330 Deed50819551955 
Deed Record 331 Deed51419551955 
Deed Record 332 Deed51519551955 
Deed Record 333 Deed51619551955 
Deed Record 334 Deed51819551955 
Deed Record 335 Deed50619551955 
Deed Record 336 Deed51619551955 
Deed Record 337 Deed51419551955 
Deed Record 338 Deed51019551955 
Deed Record 339 Deed51019551955 
Deed Record 340 Deed51019551955 
Deed Record 341 Deed51819551955 
Deed Record 342 Deed50619551956 
Chancery Order 51 Court50019561957 
Deed Record 343 Deed52419561956 
Deed Record 344 Deed51819561956 
Deed Record 345 Deed50419561956 
Deed Record 346 Deed50819561956 
Deed Record 347 Deed51619561956 
Deed Record 348 Deed51019561956 
Deed Record 349 Deed50819561956 
Deed Record 350 Deed51819561956 
Deed Record 351 Deed51819561956 
Deed Record 352 Deed50819561956 
Deed Record 353 Deed51819561956 
Deed Record 354 Deed51019561956 
Deed Record 355 Deed51219561956 
Deed Record 356 Deed51419561956 
Deed Record 357 Deed51419561956 
Deed Record 358 Deed51419561956 
Deed Record 359 Deed51419561957 
Marriage Record AA Marriage40019561958Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes Q Minutes68219571959 
Deed Record 360 Deed50819571957 
Deed Record 361 Deed51819571957 
Deed Record 362 Deed51219571957 
Deed Record 363 Deed51219571957 
Deed Record 364 Deed51619571957 
Deed Record 365 Deed51919571957 
Deed Record 366 Deed51219571957 
Deed Record 367 Deed52019571957 
Deed Record 368 Deed51419571957 
Deed Record 369 Deed51219571957 
Deed Record 370 Deed52019571957 
Deed Record 371 Deed52619571957 
Deed Record 372 Deed51019571957 
Deed Record 373 Deed35819571957 
Record of Wills 8 Will49619571960Indexed
Marriage Record BB Marriage31219581960Indexed
Record of Foreign Wills 3 Will46919581973Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes R Minutes74519591960 
County Commissioners Minutes S Minutes67619601961 
Marriage Record CC Marriage42119601961Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes T Minutes65019611962 
Marriage Record DD Marriage39319611963Indexed
Will Book 9 Will58519611963Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes U Minutes69819631964 
Marriage Record EE Marriage41519631964Indexed
Will Book 10 Will58019631966Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes V Minutes63219641964 
County Commissioners Minutes W Minutes51219641965 
Marriage Record FF Marriage40819641965Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes X Minutes51119651966 
Marriage Record GG Marriage40219651966Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes Y Minutes51919661967 
Marriage Record HH Marriage40119661967Indexed
Record of Wills 11 Will55319661968Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes Z Minutes44219671968 
Marriage Record II Marriage40019671968Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes 27 Minutes45419681969 
Marriage Record JJ Marriage38819681968Indexed
Record of Wills 12 Will38619681969Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes 28 Minutes49419691969 
County Commissioners Minutes 29 Minutes49819691970 
Marriage Record KK Marriage40019691969Indexed
Marriage Record LL Marriage40019691970Indexed
Record of Wills 13 Will43619691970Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes 30 Minutes46219701970 
County Commissioners Minutes 31 Minutes48819701971 
Marriage Record MM Marriage38919701970Indexed
Record of Wills 14 Will45119701971Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes 32 Minutes48819711971 
County Commissioners Minutes 33 Minutes61619711972 
Marriage Record NN Marriage39819711971Indexed
Marriage Record OO Marriage40019711972Indexed
Record of Wills 15 Will47119711973Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes 34 Minutes63719721973 
Marriage Record PP Marriage40019721972Indexed
Marriage Record QQ Marriage40019721973Indexed
Record of Wills 16 Will51119721973Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes 35 Minutes48019731973 
County Commissioners Minutes 36/37 Minutes46419731973 
County Commissioners Minutes 38 Minutes67519731974 
Marriage Record RR Marriage7319731973Indexed
Record of Wills 17 Will47619731974Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes 39 Minutes78319741975 
Record of Foreign Wills 4 Will3919741974Indexed
Wills 18 Will26519741975Indexed
County Commissioners Minutes 40 Minutes81019751975 
County Commissioners Minutes 41 Minutes68619751976 
County Commissioners Minutes 42 Minutes105519761976 
County Commissioners Minutes 43 Minutes107019761976 
County Commissioners Minutes 44 Minutes103319761977 
County Commissioners Minutes 45 Minutes100119771977 
County Commissioners Minutes 46 Minutes123219771977 
County Commissioners Minutes 47 Minutes69819771977 
County Commissioners Minutes 48 Minutes90819771978 
County Commissioners Minutes 49 Minutes86719781978 
County Commissioners Minutes 50 Minutes95819781978 
County Commissioners Minutes 51 Minutes96019781978 
County Commissioners Minutes 52 Minutes97119781978 
County Commissioners Minutes 53 Minutes97919781979 
County Commissioners Minutes 54 Minutes84919791979 
County Commissioners Minutes 55 Minutes96319791979 
County Commissioners Minutes 56 Minutes96319791979 
County Commissioners Minutes 57 Minutes101419791979 
County Commissioners Minutes 58 Minutes92619791979 
County Commissioners Minutes 59 Minutes101419791980 
County Commissioners Minutes 60 Minutes93319801980 
County Commissioners Minutes 61 Minutes93819801980 
County Commissioners Minutes 62 Minutes88619801980 
County Commissioners Minutes 63 Minutes90219801980 
County Commissioners Minutes 64 Minutes88419801980 
County Commissioners Minutes 65 Minutes96419801980 
County Commissioners Minutes 66 Minutes94319801981 
County Commissioners Minutes 67 Minutes94619811981 
County Commissioners Minutes 68 Minutes84519811981 
County Commissioners Minutes 69 Minutes89319811981 
County Commissioners Minutes 70 Minutes95119811981 
County Commissioners Minutes 71 Minutes84819811981 
County Commissioners Minutes 72 Minutes97019811981 
County Commissioners Minutes 73 Minutes88519811982 
County Commissioners Minutes 74 Minutes99619821982 
County Commissioners Minutes 75 Minutes90819821982 
County Commissioners Minutes 76 Minutes100319821982 
County Commissioners Minutes 77 Minutes99319821982 
County Commissioners Minutes 78 Minutes80219821982 
County Commissioners Minutes 79 Minutes99519821982 
County Commissioners Minutes 80 Minutes107719821983 
County Commissioners Minutes 81 Minutes95819831983 
County Commissioners Minutes 82 Minutes97019831983 
County Commissioners Minutes 83 Minutes97519831983 
County Commissioners Minutes 84 Minutes109919831983 
County Commissioners Minutes 85 Minutes96019831983 
County Commissioners Minutes 86 Minutes89719831983 
County Commissioners Minutes 87 Minutes99619831983 
County Commissioners Minutes 88 Minutes93919831984 
County Commissioners Minutes 89 Minutes87219841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 90 Minutes96719841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 91 Minutes87419841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 92 Minutes121919841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 93 Minutes99119841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 94 Minutes93919841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 95 Minutes83019841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 96 Minutes86519841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 97 Minutes89719841984 
County Commissioners Minutes 98 Minutes103219841985 
County Commissioners Minutes 100 Minutes82519851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 101 Minutes85419851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 102 Minutes87919851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 103 Minutes90119851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 104 Minutes97619851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 105 Minutes80119851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 106 Minutes85719851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 107 Minutes93319851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 108 Minutes95719851986 
County Commissioners Minutes 99 Minutes90919851985 
County Commissioners Minutes 109 Minutes88619861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 110 Minutes80419861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 111 Minutes94019861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 112 Minutes93419861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 113 Minutes90219861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 114 Minutes93819861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 115 Minutes87319861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 116 Minutes81419861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 117 Minutes96119861986 
County Commissioners Minutes 118 Minutes104319861987 
County Commissioners Minutes 119 Minutes110419871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 120 Minutes54819871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 121 Minutes65519871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 122 Minutes76719871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 123 Minutes85519871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 124 Minutes66819871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 125 Minutes88419871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 126 Minutes95719871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 127 Minutes86419871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 128 Minutes111819871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 129 Minutes68219871987 
County Commissioners Minutes 130 Minutes91519871988 
County Commissioners Minutes 131 Minutes88419881988 
County Commissioners Minutes 132 Minutes100619881988 
County Commissioners Minutes 133 Minutes84019881988 
County Commissioners Minutes 134 Minutes93519881988 
County Commissioners Minutes 135 Minutes105919881988 
County Commissioners Minutes 136 Minutes94219881988 
County Commissioners Minutes 137 Minutes96819881988 
County Commissioners Minutes 138 Minutes89219881988 
County Commissioners Minutes 139 Minutes84419881989 
County Commissioners Minutes 140 Minutes98619891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 141 Minutes102619891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 142 Minutes80719891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 143 Minutes90119891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 144 Minutes101719891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 145 Minutes97319891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 146 Minutes88019891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 147 Minutes109819891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 148 Minutes94219891989 
County Commissioners Minutes 149 Minutes80119891990 
County Commissioners Minutes 150 Minutes76619901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 151 Minutes102919901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 152 Minutes53819901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 153 Minutes120219901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 154 Minutes93719901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 155 Minutes66519901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 156 Minutes66819901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 157 Minutes107719901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 158 Minutes108619901990 
County Commissioners Minutes 159 Minutes90019901991 
County Commissioners Minutes 160 Minutes98119911991 
County Commissioners Minutes 161 Minutes104119911991 
County Commissioners Minutes 162 Minutes102319911991 
County Commissioners Minutes 163 Minutes89019911991 
County Commissioners Minutes 164 Minutes95319911991 
County Commissioners Minutes 165 Minutes83219911991 
County Commissioners Minutes 166 Minutes108719911991 
County Commissioners Minutes Roll 54 Minutes299519911991 
County Commissioners Minutes Roll 57 Minutes300419911992 
County Commissioners Minutes Roll 67 Minutes300019921992 
County Commissioners Minutes Roll 79 Minutes299819921992 
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