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Volunteer Help Wanted
We are working on Indexes and Transcriptions.
We are having a lot of success with our Deed Book, Mortgage Book, Commission Minutes Book, Judgment Book and Will Book Transcription Projects.  Transcriptions for these projects are typed (or pasted) into an online text box.
Simply pick a book and page and type in the transcription.

The Deed Book Index Project-- New Step 1 project. We now have more Index Books (after 1928) Online to enter into the Database. These index books contain more information than the previous ones and the forms contain spaces for most of that information. If you have any questions or problems with or about this form, please email me. Step 2 combines the database and online Deed Book Images to Check the previous information and to add additional names and information.

July 31st, 2006 Finished Deed Book Step 1 through Index 14, thanks to several very awesome Volunteers.
October 28th, 2003 was a very special day with Alachua County Ancient Records.  Thanks to wonderful Volunteers the Alachua County Marriage License Database was completed on that date. The database includes 45,061 marriage licenses covering the period of time from 1837 through May 1973.
If you would like to Volunteer, Please Fill out our
Volunteer Sign Up Form.
The Power of Transcriptions
Our Online images themselves can only be searched by the names listed with the image in our database,  while transcriptions can be searched by every word.  When we have all of these images transcribed we will have an awesome database for researchers of both genealogy and history.  Why not join us? 
Try the Transcription SEARCH

Enter a Surname, place name or anything of interest, such
as "gun", "mule", "wagon" into the Keywords box.
Max Rows:
Transcription Instructions
No one is perfect, just do your best.  I will look it over as I put it in a permanent directory.  Use the New online Form.  You will need a User ID and Password.  To Request a Password, fill out our Volunteer Sign Up Form.

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