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Welcome to the Alachua County Clerk of Circuit Court's
On-Line Court Records Access Page.

Electronic document images are not available for all documents filed with the Clerk’s office. Images that are not available on-line include family law, probate, mental health and juvenile records. Civil case documents filed before 2002 are not available electronically. Criminal case documents filed before 2006 are not available.  If there is an electronic image, a looking glass symbol will appear beside the document entry on the progress docket. View the image by clicking on the looking glass.

Some document images can only be viewed by registration. While the Clerk has made every effort to apply the Supreme Court’s rules correctly the current web site is still in the pilot or testing phase. Please contact the Clerk's office at clerk@alachuaclerk.org if you identify a situation where a document image is displayed outside the limits stated above.

J.K. "Jess" Irby, Esq.
Clerk of the Circuit Court

With regard to Juvenile electronic records, not all of the information in the paper court file may be viewed online.

Based on the identity of the user and their relationship or role, Florida Supreme Court Administrative Order AOSC15-18 assigns security levels to attorneys, parties, government agencies, and law enforcement which determines what court records can be viewed upon registering with the Clerk's Office.

To view images on this site, you must have installed Adobe Reader or another application capable of displaying PDF files.