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There are now 28 Other Record Books imaged online.
Books are listed by Beginning Year and then Book Name.
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BookTypePagesBegin YearEnd YearIndex?
Superior Court Minutes 1 Court23718281835Indexed
Appearance Docket A CourtD18918281843Indexed
Superior Court Minutes 2 Court34418381843Indexed
Bills of Sale A Property26218461889Indexed
Judgment Record A* Judgment58018501857 
Judgment Record B Judgment80418581869 
Book of Register Other10118681870Indexed
Judgment Record C* Judgment78218691880Indexed
Judgment Record BB Judgment10918701874Indexed
Married Womans Book A MWRec2318701888 
1875 Census of Male Inhabitants Other11718751875Indexed
Judgment Book D Judgment40018761884Indexed
Lien Book A Property38718761895Indexed
Homestead Schedules A Property8818781919Indexed
Judgment Record E Judgment99918801891Indexed
Record of Physicians Certificates 1 Certificat30418901938Indexed
Judgment Docket 7 Judgment56018911894Indexed
Incorporation Book No 1 Incorp39918931912 
Tax Rolls 1894 Tax33418941894 
Judgment Docket 8 Judgment56018941897Indexed
Tax Rolls 1895 Tax34118951895 
Tax Rolls 1896 Tax38218961896 
Judgment Docket 9 Judgment54918971901Indexed
Incorporation Record No 2 Incorp50019121923 
Incorporation Record 3 Incorp44819231935 
Township Plats 1925 Plats4119251925 
Register of Deceased Veterans Record4419411941 
Field Notes (Plats) Plats82UnkUnk 
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