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Marriage License Search 1837 - May 1973
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Search Hints: You do not have to enter complete names. Single letters will work, but may produce a large result. You do not have to fill in all fields. You may use any field for your search.
IMPORTANT: The SOUNDEX Option works only on Surnames and requires a full Surname. You may still enter a Given Name or initial, but the Given Name itself will not be searched as Soundex..
Special Thanks to our Database Volunteers. They have completed the Marriage License Database.
Books B, C & M through RR have 2 licenses
per page. Books D through L have 3 licenses per page.
If you do not see the license that you are looking for, please
Scroll Down. Books 1, 2 & 3 are handwritten and include
varing numbers of licenses per page. Some licenses span
from one page to the next.  Marriage License Affadavits 1
is a special case.  It contains affadavits, not licenses.  There
is only one affadavit per page.

Our Marriage License Database Project has been Completed
There are other projects that you may like to Volunteer to help
with.  Please check out our Volunteer Page for more Information.
Email Karen McColl for more information
Database Completed 28 October 2003

Note: In Marriage License Record 3, Judge H.G. Mason writes "No records of Marriages appear for the years 1856 up to Dec 27 1857, and from Feb 10 1860 to Jan 4 1865"
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