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Deed Book A Page 182
Also the East half of the South East quarter Section
No (1) one Township No (15) fifteen South of Range No (13)
Thirteen East Containing Eighty-Acres [Being the Same
tracts or lots of Land Which Mr. W.C. Lored by Indenture
dated the Thirteenth day of April AD 1849 recorded at
Newnansville in Book A of Deeds page 149 granted and
Conveyed Unto William S. Dilworth in fee who by Indenture
dated the fifth day of June AD 1849 and Intended to
be recorded granted and conveyed the Same Unto John
D. Kerr in fee and the Said John D. Kerr and wife
by Indenture bearing even date with but Executed
before these presents for the Consideration therein mentioned
part of which is hereby Secured granted and Conveyed
the Said Tracts, Lots of Land Unto the Said Patrick
Lorimer in fee]
     Together with all and Singular the woods
meadows ways, waters, water-courses, Rights, Liberties, Privileges,
Improvements, Hereditaments, and Appurtenances Whatsoever
thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining, and
the reversions and Remainders, Rents, Issues, and profits
     To have and to hold the Said Tract or Tracts
Lot or lots of Land above described, Hereditaments and
Premises hereby granted, or mentioned or intended So to be
with the Appurtenances- Unto the Said William J. Johnson
his Heirs and assigns, to and for the only proper use and
behoof of the Said William J. Johnson his Heirs & assigns
     Provided Always, nevertheless, that if the Said
Patrick Lorimer his Heirs Executors Administrators or assigns
do and Shall well and truly pay or cause to be paid
Unto the Said William J. Johnson his Executors administrators
or assigns, the aforesaid debt or principal Sum of Seven Hundred
and fifty-Dollars lawful money as aforesaid on the
day- and time- hereinbefore mentioned And appointed
for payment of the Same, together with Lawful Interest
as aforesaid, without- any pause or further delay, and
Without any deduction, defalcation, or abatement to
or made of any thing, for or in respect of any
Taxes changes or assessments, whatsoever, that then, and
Transcribed by Elaine Campbell 26 October 2001
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