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from thenceforth, as well this present Indenture, and
the Estate hereby granted, as the Said recited obligation Shall
Cease, determine, and become void, Anything hereinbefore Continued
to the Contrary thereof, in any wise notwithstanding.
     In Witness Whereof the parties to these presents
have Interchangeably Set their hands & seals hereunto, Dated
the Day and year first above written
Sealed & Delivered                          Patrick Lorimer (L.S.)
In presence of
John Birms
Jno D. Kerr

State of Pennsylvania
City of Philadelphia    S S
                        On the first day of Sept. AD
1849 before me John Birms a Commissioner duly appointed
to take the acknowledgment and proof of Deeds Mortgages
& C by the Governor of the State of Florida personally appeared
the above named Patrick Lorimer Who I am
Satisfied is the Mortgager who mentioned and being
by Me duly Sworn did Say on his oath and in
due form of Law acknowledged the above Indenture of
Mortgage to be his act and Deed, and desired the Same
might be recorded as Such according to Law
     Witness my hand & Seal of Office
the day & year aforesaid
                                   John Birms (L.S.)
                                   Comr of Florida
      Recorded this 10th day of October AD 1849
                                   Robt. Youngblood Clk
                                   Per Saml. Russell Dept
Transcribed by Elaine Campbell 26 October 2001
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