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                Estate of R.L. Cathcart

       State of Florida }                 In County Judges Court
       Alachua County   }                 Alachua County Florida
                                           Sitting as a Court of Probate

                    To the Honorable H.G. Mason, County Judge
       in and for Alachua County Florida
                         We the undersigned petitioners res-
       pectfully show unto your honor that R.L. Cathcart dec'd
       late of said County departed this life on the 28" day of
       February A.D. 1895 leaving a last Will and Testament
       which is herewith presented in which Isaac T. Guinn &
                                         are named 
       J.R. Cathcart of Alachua County Florida^as Executors of
       said Last Will and Testament
                  Your petitioners herewith file said Will
       and pray your honor that said Will may be admitted
       to proof And your petitioner will ever pray &c
                   (signed)  J.T. Guinn
                             T.H. Cato

       State of Florida }
       Alachua County   }             In County Judges Court of
                                      Alachua County Florida

              Upon reading and considering the foregoing
       petition and upon an examination of the paper writing
       herewith exhibited It is ordered that the same be and
       is hereby allowed as the last Will and Testament of
       R.L. Cathcart dec'd and admitted to proof
              Done and ordered this the first day of
            March A.D. 1895           H.G. Mason
Will                                       County Judge
       State of Florida }
       Alachua County   }
                         In the name of God amen
       Know all men by these presents that I Robert L.
       Cathcart of the State and County above written being
       of sound mind and Judgement do make this my last
       Will and I give devise and bequeath my Estate and
       property real and personal, as follows To my son
       J.R. Cathcart I bequeath my buggy and household fur-
       nature and to his son R.L. Cathcart I bequeath my
       saddle - I bequeath that in the division of my estate
       as expressed herein my daughter L.M. Cathcart
Transcribed by Karen Kirkman 25 July 2014
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